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My little sister keeps watching lesbians making out online?
A couple of days ago I went into a room and my little sister (she's 11) was in there on the computer.I saw her watching lesbians making out..etc.I asked her what she was doing and she looked really embarrassed.Is it normal for a 11 year old to watch things like that?
It may not be normal..but it's natural. Let her be.
Most guys get turned on by Lesbians making out, but how come it's never the other way around?
I've asked girls if they get turned on by gay guys making out, but surprisingly most of them said it's disgusting and turns them off.

But how come if you ask guys, almost all of them would say it's every guy's dream and blah blah blah. Is it because guys are just more hornier than girls, so they get turned on by "anything" sexual?
I get turned on by gay guys making out. I think it's hot.
Is it normal for a straight girl if they like to see lesbians making out?
I like to see girl on girl action but I'm not a lesbian is it normal
It's normal doesn't make you lesbian or bisexual .

Are men turned on my two butch lesbians making out?
Guys always claim to love lesbians and think its hot. So I'm curious.
Yes, they are.
Does making out with your best friend and liking it make you a lesbian?
My best friend and I made out and both liked it. We want more, but we don't feel that way about anyone else. Neither of us like girls in that way, we're positive, but we both it to happen again. Does that make us lesbians or bi?
it woudl make you bi, you may not be attracted to any other girls, because you like each other, and know so much about each other, but yes if you liked it, and want it again, then yea, most likely, you are bi, it also could be its something new, and you want to try it again, but most likely you are bi, good luck with it, i am bi also, but yea, hope all works best for you two.......
How cute are straight guys when they see lesbians making out?
I was waiting for a train the other day with some straight mates, and these two lesbians were kissing on the platform. The straight guys were so freaking cute, they were like little guys on Christmas morning or something. One in particular was just so freaking adorable, he kept chanting "Lesbians! Lesbians!" really excitedly to himself and giggling. =)

Lesbians, does it ever make you laugh when you see them doing that? =)
lol i've never seen that happen but I probably would laugh
in my experience it's complete opposite, like if there's two guys kissing the girls will act that way and I think it's annoying because then if it's two girls kissing it's considered "disgusting" =/
so I agree with Michael K see how they react when they see two guys kissing =]

lol all of those smilies that you use freak me out!!!!
Why do most straight men find watching two lesbians making out to be hot?
Just something I always wondered...
False premise.

If that is your thing, then so be it.
Do you think its wrong when you see gay or lesbian couples making out in school?
K if your gonna say no one should be making out in school don't waste your time cause the school i go to has way worse things than that so as long as thier not having sex or anything their pretty much left alone.

So today i was walking through the hallway at school with my friend and we saw these two lesbian girls making out and we turned to each other in discust. She kept on laughing and i got to wondering if its wrong or not normal for me to think that. I mean before i never thought i had a problem with homosexuals but after seeing that i think its just wrong.

p.s. i didnt put this in the gay and lesbian section because they'd all just yell at me and i would not get unbiased opinions
If you think its so okay for hetero couples to make out at your school, then why would it bother you to see homo couples making out? Get over it.

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